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A laboratory-made molecule that is definitely engineered to acknowledge and bind towards the surface area of most cancers cells. Monoclonal antibodies mimic the antibodies Normally made by the human body's immune procedure that attack invading foreign substances, like micro organism and viruses.

The Loss of life of tissue in your body due to an obstruction during the tissue's blood offer, an absence of oxygen or both of those aspects.

A minimally invasive process needs a modest pores and skin puncture or very restricted incision to accomplish the intervention, which typically requires the insertion of miniaturized devices.

A variety of seizure or convulsion normally connected to epilepsy where irregular electrical action occurs in a specific space of your Mind, typically generating signs that impact 1 area of the human body.

Cramp-like discomfort that will come and goes, and is also built worse by Actual physical hard work. It is a sign the tissue or organ equipped by a narrowed artery is just not getting ample blood or oxygen. For more information begin to see the Angina Pectoris page.

A issue through which way too handful of crimson blood cells are within the bloodstream, resulting in insufficient oxygen to tissues and organs. For added facts begin to see the Anemia website page.

Masses of fiber and muscle mass tissue within the wall on the uterus, also referred to as leiomyomas or fibroid tumors. Although these tumors are not cancerous, they may cause hefty menstrual bleeding, pain in the pelvic area and stress to the bladder or bowel. myomectomy

A problem through which belly contents (food items or acids) shift up into the esophagus, the passageway between the abdomen as well as the mouth, and is also tasted while in the mouth. esophagectomy

A variety of surgical biopsy by which a whole lesion or irregular team of cells and tissue in addition to a bordering margin of standard-showing tissue are removed.

A slender lighted tube with the optical instrument or viewing machine on the tip that may be utilised to examine the inside on the uterus.

A ailment in which the thyroid gland doesn't generate ample thyroid hormone Sneak A Peek Their Product for the human body's requires. Symptoms consist of bodyweight achieve, Electricity decline, and dry pores and skin.

A affliction of reduced bone mass, with decreased outer thickness and a decrease in the number and sizing of the spongy buildings during the bone (but ordinary chemical composition), causing enhanced fracture incidence.

A breast most cancers which has not unfold over and above the lining (epithelium) in the milk ducts in to the encompassing breast tissue. Even though DCIS need to be addressed to circumvent it from producing into an invasive breast most cancers, It's not dangerous at this time.

A minimally invasive treatment where a skinny needle or tube is inserted in the abdomen to eliminate excess fluid from your peritoneal cavity.

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